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 miley cyrus in GOOD MORNING AMERICA

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cute miley*

cute miley*

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Backstage Antics

Like a typical teen, Miley enjoys texting messaging during her down time on tour and eating cookie dough ice cream.
Miley also likes goofy photos and playing the video game "Guitar Hero" backstage.

She also has an affinity for purses and sales bargains and Miley proudly displayed her latest inexpensive purse fetch.
In her dressing room, Miley showed off her make-up, wigs and her style role model.
"One day, I'm going to cut my hair like that. I know I am," Miley says of legendary model Twiggy's pixie haircut. "I will one day … I'm just not sure when."

Balancing Act

With Miley's career going full steam ahead, she says she doesn't know yet if she prefers music or acting and is going to keep pursuing both.
Her 3-D movie called "The Best of Both Worlds" is based on her sold out shows and is headed to movie theaters Feb. 1 for a one-week showing.
"I mean, this 3-D movie was like a really cool thing because I got to do both. … My Dad the other day, when we were sitting in the, um, theater watching the premiere, he was like, 'I've learned one thing from this movie.' I was like, 'What's that?' And he was like, 'I need a better conditioner.' It was the best!"

Family Girl

Miley and her dad, country music sensation Billy Ray Cyrus, are very close. "Me and my Daddy, we're always like hanging out," she says.
"My goal for Miley is to be happy. As long as she's happy and loving what she's doing, then it's all good," says Billy Ray
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